Kristen Lake

Master Practitioner of NLP, TimeLine Therapy ® and Hypnotherapy

Kristen Lake knew that she wasn’t accessing her full potential. As a hairstylist for many years she performed numerous “Hair-apy” sessions for her clients but would often ask herself, “What is my true purpose?” Even though she enjoyed her job, she knew there was more she could and needed to be doing.” From there she went on a journey to rediscover her true self. An empathic and compassionate soul, it was upon discovering NLP that she finally found clarity and direction. She now believes that anything is possible if you believe in the power of the unconscious mind.

She says, “NLP and the other modalities I use on my clients and myself are life changing. Nothing can hold you back. Free yourself! Live the life you were born to live!” As a board certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy ® and Hypnotherapy she can help find the root cause of your troubles at an unconscious level and change the way you see yourself and the way you see others. She is also a certified NLP coach, Quantum Change Process™ Practitioner and a DONA-trained birth doula.

As a mother to three kids, and with a natural affinity for seeing children’s talents, she especially loves working with children and families. She says she struggled in her younger years to be heard and feel accepted and truly understands the struggles of adolescence. Though she loves to help kids shine, she can work with anyone needing her help and will often work with those struggling in relationships, their business or their life in general.

Clients describe her as inquisitive, resourceful, a natural nurturer and someone who will work tirelessly on behalf of her clients.