How do you react to anger, stress, frustration, overwhelm and other strong emotions? What if you could change the way you react to those emotions and limiting beliefs and what if there was a program that could give you those changes instantly?

NLP is defined by the Macmillan dictionary as, “A way of changing the relationship between someone’s mind and language in order to affect their behaviour.” The definition is simplistic in nature but the process is more complex. NLP doesn’t just focus on a problem but how one goes about fixing a problem.

For example, let’s say you think you are acting in a way that communicates with others that you want love in your relationships but in fact your unconscious mind is communicating something totally different. Once you identify what you are actually communicating you can move forward positively in your life.

Created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970’s, there are many benefits. It can be used to help with:

  • Personal development
  • Business
  • Education & training
  • Communication
  • Sports
  • Parenting and more!!

Neuro stands for neurology, Linguistic stands for language and programming refers to how that neutral language functions. In the last forty years, NLP has expanded from its original basis to include neurology, cybernetics, physics and philosophy.

To learn more about NLP and to break through any obstacles standing in the way of your happiness or success feel free to schedule a session with me today!