Kristen Lake offers an array of services to help you move forward with your life in a positive and empowering way. Even one session from the services below can make a big difference in how you view the world. Release those negative emotions and let me move you from a place of fear and anxiety to a place of awareness and love. To learn even more about what I do you can view some of my videos here.


Hypnosis is not new but has been used for centuries. It sometimes has a bad reputation and is often misunderstood. It is simply a process that allows for heightened awareness and deep relaxation. All hypnosis is truly self-hypnosis, which means that one cannot be “hypnotized” they just have to be willing to follow directions.


Once willing a client will experience direct communication with the unconscious mind and be able to make significant positive changes in their lives, letting go of emotions that are not serving them.

Quantum Change Process

Duration: Initial sessions run 3 hours on average


Fees: $125/hr

Method of Payment: Cash, cheque, PayPal, e-transfer

NLP Breakthrough

An NLP Personal Breakthrough is series of highly effective one-on-one sessions designed to assist the client in making profound changes in their life. During the course of 5-6 weeks we will work together to create lasting change.

Using NLP, Timeline Therapy®, Hynposis and the Quantum Change Process ™ we can identify and change unconscious patterns and beliefs, resolve conflicts, get rid of limiting decisions and change behavioral strategies all while keeping true to your own values and integrity.

Kristen holds a strong belief that any client’s problem can be solved. In fact, Kristen will give 100% to her clients and will GUARANTEE that a breakthrough will help as long as the client is giving the same level of commitment.

An NLP Personal Breakthrough is ideal for:
-Mental & Emotional Health Issues
-Feeling “stuck” or in a rut.
-Relationships with self or a partner
-Physical Health & Well Being
-Career or Business Development

Kristen also offers family breakthroughs to those who meet the application criteria.

To determine if an NLP Breakthrough is right for you please contact Kristen to arrange a 3 hour Intake session. By the end of the 3 hour session we will have determined the issue and the best course of action for that problem.

What is Timeline Therapy?

Time Line Therapy® is an extremely powerful therapeutic process that was developed by Tad James, Ph. D in the 1980’s. It looks at how we store our memories. Using techniques from Hypnosis and NLP it works on a principle of a Gestalt, which is a sequence of significant emotional events in a person’s life.


Instead of helping with one emotional problem at a time, anger over a specific event for example, it helps to release anger throughout an individual’s entire life which is why it is so effective. It helps to release all those emotions such as fear, guilt, anger and sadness from the past that keep us feeling stuck in our lives.

Birth Doula

A Birth Doula is someone who offers emotional and physical support during pregnancy, delivery and after the baby is born.


Giving birth is one of the most magical times of a women’s life but it can also be scary, frustrating and fearful. Having support during this process is a huge relief to a new mother. Birth Doula’s are often said to “Mother” the new mother, making childbirth a powerful and rewarding experience.

In addition to the basic Birth Doula services the added component of being a Master NLP and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner means I can offer extended services that you wouldn’t normally get with other Birth Doulas.

One on One Coaching

A coaching package will offer confidential sessions that allows you to discuss the problems you currently face. Kristen can guide you towards taking appropriate action steps that align with your values and beliefs.


Sometimes the problems you have can seem insurmountable on your own. No matter what the problem, I have numerous techniques from many different modalities that I can use to help get you through those difficult situations.